Cellen Therapeutics and Covid-19

Cellen Therapeutics is working hard to maintain our supply chain operations and ensure continued supply of our formulations to patients during this challenging time.

Medical Cannabis for UK patients

Cellen Therapeutics’ personalised Medical Cannabis formulations are uniquely developed for patients living with chronic conditions

Combining innovative technology with medical expertise

Cellen Therapeutics’ personalised Medical Cannabis treatments are revolutionary for patients. The medicines are manufactured in the UK only using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and robustly tested in independent laboratories.

Research Driven

Cellen Therapeutics is led by NHS experts and cutting-edge research.


Patients are at the heart of everything we do and we take pride in our personalised offerings.

High Quality Standards

We take responsibility to ensure we uphold the highest EU GMP standards and that our supply chain is sustainable.

We are an independent UK based pharmaceutical company built by NHS experts

Welcome to the future of Medical Cannabis

The medicines are formulated according to patients’ specific dosing requirements, and we adapt the content, concentration and the presentation to match their specific needs.

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