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At Cellen we are inspired by the stories of the patients we help

Our vision is to offer a fully integrated pain service offering truly personalised care, beginning with our online CQC registered chronic pain clinic. Our cross-functional teams create innovative tools to improve care for patients. 


Meet the Team

Eric Bystrom Cellen Therapeutics CEO

Eric Bystrom

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno Cellen Therapeutics Chief Medical Officer

Dr Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno MD, MSc

Chief Medical Officer & NHS Doctor


Dr Haggai Sharon MD, PhD

Chairman of Clinical Board & NHS Doctor

Our Solutions


Leva Clinic (CQC registered) is the first fully online clinic for patients with chronic pain. Our multi-disciplinary clinical team comprises of expert clinicians, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and nurse consultants.  The team support patients through personalised online care plans. 


Cellen Therapeutics aims to improve research and innovation into therapeutics for patients with chronic pain. Alongside leading academic institutions, we have begun with cannabinoid medications and developed digital tools to support clinicians in understanding current best practice through our MedCan Hub. 

“Back pain is the single largest cause of disability in the UK, with an estimated 3 million people out of the labour force as a result of chronic back pain. As a science-led company, Cellen is proud to be finding innovative solutions for people living with chronic pain."

– Dr Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno MD MSc

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Cellen

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