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Addressing the supply chain of medical cannabis in the UK during COVID19

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Our CEO, Eric Bystrom, addresses the supply chain of medical cannabis in the UK during COVID19.


In the current situation, the NHS is canceling routine clinic appointments, life-changing operations have been halted and it is rare to be able to book an appointment to see a specialist! This could be leaving many vulnerable patients without prescription medications, due to an overstretched service with the NHS.

And it is not just the NHS. Supply chains are breaking down meaning there is a shortage of certain medications and supplies. Articles are in the press daily of patients worried about having access to their regular medications and treatments due to the strain on the system. I hope that we do not get to that point here in the UK, and I know that many of us are working in the healthcare industry to keep the supply chain going.

An article in The Times on the 17th March discussed how patients in the UK are concerned about the risk of being left without cannabis-based medical products (CBMPs), which are crucial medications for them, as they are now unable to travel to the Netherlands to gain access to treatments due to coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

Cellen and its partners specialises in supplying personalised medical cannabis formulations in the UK; our team is working around the clock to ensure patients have continuous access to Medical Cannabis .

I truly believe that we must now come together as a community to support patients in need during this pandemic. If anyone has any ideas on how we can help to support patients around the UK suffering from chronic conditions, I would love to connect with you. I believe we must:

1) Get specialist services online as fast as possible (and thank you to the CQC for supporting the rapid roll-out).

2) Ensure medications are getting to patients at home.

3) Continue to build partnerships to be able to help the most vulnerable at a time of greatest need.

I would be keen to hear thoughts on this, please do contact me at


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